Lagless Shaders Mod Download


Mod Version:
Minecraft Forge
Shader Mod
Short Description
A shader mod that doesnt lag!

Basic Overview of the Lagless Shaders Mod:

The lagless shader mod is as it says on the tin, a shader mod for minecraft but it does not give the user lag, or as much lag as you would normally receive from such as visual mod. There is not a lot to say on this mod as its so simple, but so amazing, so see the shader for yourself by watching the video below, or downloading the mod and experiencing it for yourself.

Lagless Shader Mod Showcase:

How to use the Lagless Shader Mod:

Once the mod is installed, just start up minecraft and enjoy the experience of the shaders mod in your world. Personally i love shaders as they bring so much to the game, and sometimes even make it more realistic!

Lagless Shader Screen shot:Lagless-Shaders-Mod-Screenshots-3


How to install the Lagless Shader Mod:

  • Download the Shaders Mod 
  • Download the Lagless Shaders Mod
  • Open Minecraft and select options
  • Open shaders folder
  • Drag the lagless shader mod into the folder
  • Enjoy!

Lagless Shader Mod Download